Website Optimization in SEO

Website Optimization in SEO

The creation of website is not sufficient for the promotion of a brand or service. It is essential to optimize the website in order to increase the website traffic by using the method of Search Engine Optimization. SEO includes Black Hat and White Hat methods of website optimization. At present, both the Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques have been used to improve the rank of the website on the result page of search engine. This paper will help in understanding what actually separates White Hat SEO techniques from Black Hat SEO techniques. The outcome of this paper helps in understanding the use of Black Hat SEO techniques though being illegal method of optimizing your website and reach to a conclusion that which method is best for optimization of your website. Arudhra Innovations SEO Digital Marketing Web Design

Types of SEO Techniques On Page Optimization: On Page Optimization is a technique that can be implemented directly on the website to increase its search rankings. The on page factors directly affects the website and is controlled by coding on the page.Off Page Optimization: Off page optimization includes the techniques performed outside the boundaries of the website and is used to enhance its ranking on search result pages. These methodologies are important as these are good indication on how the users perceive a particular website. Off page optimization helps in generating many more referral links to the website and promotes it on social networking sites by which the ranking of the website is increasedBlack Hat SEO Techniques Article Spinning:This technique involves the use of a software to rephrase the copied content so that it can be posted further as a unique post. This method changes the content in such a way which reduces the risk of getting detected by any of the plagiarism tool.Cloaking: Cloaking is a technique of website optimization in which a different URL or content is presented to the users and the search engine. Sneaky Redirect: Sneaky Redirect is a technique in which the user is directed to some other URL than the URL requested by the user. Hidden Text: It is a method in which hidden texts are included to the content on the websites to manipulate the website ranking on the search results. Doorway Pages: It is a technique in which the visitor is directed to the same destination for many links in the search results. Scraped Content: It is a technique in which content is copied from highly reputed sites to increase the volume of pages on your site. Paid Links: Buying links for website optimization is easy as once the transaction is completed it is not required to bother about the content quality. Also the anchor text is selected according to the preference of the customer. Spam Commenting: These are the comments having no informative message and contains promotional links which are not related to the website. Spam comments are posted on other blogs to create a negative impression on the visitors.

White Hat SEO Techniques Quality Content:Krysta M. Svore et al [5] explained that providing a well written content is the best way of optimizing the website using White Hat SEO method. The visitors prefer good and informative content. So, the content should be properly written and provide all the information required by the user.Proper Page Titles and Meta Data:The webpages should have a proper title which actually describes about the content. Page title must actually represent the content on the webpage. Also, each page should have correct and related Meta descriptions and Meta keywords.Effective use of keywords:The keywords are inserted in the content of the webpages. The keywords which the users may search related to the website are used in the content but to an extent. The keyword density in the content of the webpage should not exceed from 2-5%. The crawlers get influenced by high density of keywords but it should not exceed the limit so that there is no repetition of the same keyword on the page [6].Having Quality Inbound links:More is the number of inbound links to the website higher is the rank of the website. But the inbound links should come from the websites which agrees to the guidelines of the search engine and not from the websites under penalty or banned websites.Proper use of heading tags:The content of the website should be divided into several segments under a proper heading. The headings used should be keyword rich and should represent the content under it

 Website Optimization  in SEO

Thus from this paper we are able to come to the conclusion that it is not compulsory to always use good tactics for improving the ranking of websites on the Search Result Pages. But it actually depends on the need of the owner of the website or the returns that the owner is expecting from the website. If White Hat techniques fulfills the requirements of the website owner then it can be implemented and if Black Hat SEO fulfills the requirements then it can be implemented. We come to the conclusion that there are various parameters which actually helps to decide which SEO techniques is best for our website so that we get higher ranks on the result pages of various search engines. The parameters may be long term or short term investment, high risk or low risk, immediate traffic, time consuming process or quick process and many more. The masters of the website should think upon these parameters and decide which SEO method suits their website.